Random Flake Broadcasting

Random Flake is no longer as popular as it was in the 1980's, and is generally not recommended in most environments.

However, if you decide to install a random flake floor, the BroadcastPro6 has a flow control/restrictor setting and throttle control to lower the RPMs to help achieve an even coat of random flake.


Hand broadcasting a random, even pattern of flake is usually 'folly' at best, not to mention the floor surface is more prone to scratching and marring when compared to a full broadcast of flake.



If the choice is a light-medium random flake floor, or a medium - heavy random broadcast pictured above, the BroadcastPro6 can help speed up the broadcasting, and achieve a more consistent, aesthetically pleasing floor.  

If your customer wants the look of a partial broadcast and the protection of a full broadcast, simply call or email us for a solution.

SuperShute is required for broadcasting any medium .25" or larger.