Roof Granuals

Mechanically Broadcast Roofing Granules, Aluminum Flake, & Other Media
Broadcasting roofing granules, etc., by hand onto a troweled down roof overlay can be messy and time consuming.
The BroadcastPro6 machine is well suited for broadcasting small stone ballast, roofing granules, aluminum flake into emulsions, and silica sand into elastomeric deck or roof coatings with pinpoint accuracy if required.

 Reports from the field assert that the machine will save ~ 50% on broadcast media consumption and the same or more on labor.
It's actually easier to have the operator sit on a bucket or on the cart behind him so the loader doesn't have to stand on a bucket. (safety first)
Simply trowel down a small area in this cramped space.
Sit back and let 'em shoot.
Can you imagine trying to broadcasting by hand in this restricted area?
The waste would be tremendous!
In addition, the excess roofing granules from hand broadcasting could act as a bond breaker on the existing substrate/roof.
With the BroadcastPro6, simply close the flow control valve (ivory colored handle on the operators side) and blow the excess granules onto the fresh material.
Finished product!