Rubber Granulars

Why do this???
When you can do this to store and dispense media!!!
 (The hopper storage and shute is lifted up with a forklift, BobCat with forks, or other ATV fork machines)
(The 'Yellow Shute'  above  that connects to the media storage with slide gate, is a great improvement from the old days when a concrete hopper  'elephant trunk' (a large plastic square funnel with a long flexible tube clamped on the opening, used to pour concrete into tall forms with closely spaced rebar mats in the wall , and helped eliminate aggregate separation in the wet concrete as it fell over the rebar) or keeping the concrete consolidated in deep pours when free falling) was improvised and tie wired to the Media Containment Hopper and when raised up on a forklift or Bob-Cat, then the slide gate to allow flow was opened, a clamp was used at the bottom of the flexible trunk to stop the flow of broadcast media when filling the broadcast machine hopper. 
Then This to Broadcast!!!
  You will, SAVE BIG MONEY with the Media Management System and the BroadcastPro6 Broadcasting Machine.
For sport surface, animal containment, elastomeric urethane decking, etc. application contractor, this system will save tons of rubber and tons of labor from installation/broadcasting to cleanup.
Sport surface contractors (mainly tennis & track) report over 100% ROI (return on investment) on one job. (obviously depending on size)
The BroadcastPro6 Model will broadcast (crumb, up to and beyond 1-3mm) ~30 feet or more. 
Eliminate clumping of resin/emulsion when shovel full loads of rubber slam down on the wet overlay and ripple the system causing a bump in the cured product.
The BroadcastPro6 Model/system builds the broadcast media quickly and gradually for an even, covered surface without all the excess granules to clean up. Through experience, many report no cleanup of excess media.
Call us today for more information on how to start saving big money on each broadcast, scatter, or sprinkle project.