Seeding or Broadcasting Natural Aggregates, Colored Glass, Terrazzo Chips/Stone, Rock Salt, etc. Into Wet Resin or Concrete

The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the client!

Often overlooked by resinous flooring and decking contractors, these aggregate and/or glass combo systems offer a whole new approach to a unique looking decorative surface for ramps, floors, and decks.

Decorative concrete contractors have seeded/broadcast onto fresh concrete for years.  Specialty systems such as Lithocrete, have been developed around the seeding/broadcasting on fresh concrete. 

A vast majority of broadcast chip sizes into concrete are #0 up to #3. Our experience is up to #4 chips size (~1/2" / ~12mm) but  the machine may broadcast larger size especially with the SuperShute attachment. 

A somewhat new wave in stone mix design is to add colored glass to the natural aggregates to accent the monochromatic bagged aggregate.

(Mix designs below and above consist mainly of #0 - #2 (~1/16" x 1/4" or ~ 2-8MM metric) terrazzo stone sizes, sometimes called 'terrazzo chips' in the US, and glass sizes.)