Vertical & Overhead Broadcast Applications

There is no better process to broadcast or scatter into wet resins on a vertical or overhead application than the BroadcastPro6.
Whether it's a 6" cove base, a 1' fork lift bumper curb, or a 6' wainscoting, even a full wall or ceiling coating, gas curbs or a set of steps in a residential setting, the BroadcastPro6 is terrific for broadcasting flake, colored quartz, silica sand, natural aggregates, etc., professionally, economically, quickly and easily, IN ONE PASS.

Check out the testimonials below from Gary; an applicator in the Midwest. 

"The blower work well on the jail project. We installed quartz on the wall and without the blower this could not have happen. Thanks for all your help and I would expect to purchase another one in the 2nd qt. of 2010. Using your machine on a few thousand ft. of cove in this maze of a project. Incredible what we got done with it last night."

 In the old days, contractors were taught by other old timers that vertical work had to be done first when applying broadcast floors, as I was.  The main reason for this, broadcasting methods were done by hand and usually it required two flake or quartz broadcasts to 'cover'.

Most applicators would shy away from vertical work and didn't even offer it to their customers.  And a wainscot or full height wall broadcast, completely out of the question.

Applicators caught up in a situation where a wall coating was required or specified, they would 'jack up' the price to the moon for the wall coating, list the wall coating portion as an 'Alternate' on their Proposal, hoping the owner would NOT take the option.  I know because I did it and so did a lot of other contractors I knew. This is still the case in some spheres of flooring contractors. 

Broadcast Cove Base or Gas Curbs Right Along With The Floor  

The notion that coves or other verticals must be done separately (in most cases) is a myth propagated by the old guys from the past simply because they didn't have the machinery to do it any other way.  This 'myth' has been passed down through the years and to some, it's 'gospel', which is no longer the case.

Early on we were out to rewrite the book on archaic procedure and application techniques observed in this industry in the mid 70's through the 80's. Having re-wrote the book on many, these techniques will save you money during the application process of a broadcast or scatter floor, wall, deck, bridge, or roof broadcast project.