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Broadcast Pro6 -  Our Standard 6 gallon tank

The new and improved backpack broadcast machine model, BroadcastPro6: Comes with an enlarged, ~24 liter/~6 gallon hopper/holding tank that is designed to accommodate a 50# (~23kgs) bag of colored quartz or silica sand, or a 55 (~25kgs) pound box of decorative colored flake.

 The large tank/hopper is over twice the size of the original ~3 gallon size that served us well for over 25 years. The larger hopper/holding tank helps reduce media load time by 50%.

Also Available : 
7 gallon tank - 26.5 Liter Hopper/Holding tank 
8 gallon tank - 30.2 Liter Hopper/Holding tank

The new state of the art engine drastically reduces emissions when compared to older models, and, is one of the most reliable 2 cycle engines on the market. If the indoor operation of a 2 cycle gasoline engine is perceived to be problematic, (which it isn't) learn how to eliminate odor associated with exhaust emission and smelly coating systems with NuAir.

The BroadcastPro6 will shoot:
  • a colored flake of any size
  • colored quartz (CQ) sand
  • mica & glitter
  • dry shakes for concrete
  • roofing granular (~same as CQ sand)
  • small size #0 (zero) > #2 terrazzo stone
  • natural aggregates; marble, granite, quartz
  • river rock; Merrimac, Chattahoochee, etc
  • silica sand
  • aluminum oxide
  • rubber granules
  • glass
  • rock salt
  • aluminum roofing flake
  • black beauty
  • basalt
  • garnet
  • flint shot
  • silicon carbide
Oil Gator & Floor Gator Bio Remediation Powders and other similar types of broadcast media.
The BroadcastPro6 is especially well suited for broadcast vertical wall or wainscoting, and even ceiling applications. 
    Through experience, operators learn how to apply just the right amount of media to a wet surface for full coverage with minimal, to no excess.
    It will drastically reduce or in some cases, almost eliminate the cleanup process per se, (one quick blowdown may be required), especially with fast cure resinous systems. In reality, the cost of the equipment will be recouped quickly, mostly on a single project. Then, you start making money on every project thereafter by reducing labor and media consumption dramatically.

    Contractors consistently report 50% savings on broadcast media, and about the same on labor, or more in some instances.

    In addition, if the PayPal Credit option is taken advantage of when you check out of the Online Store, payments may be made to minimize the economic impact of the purchase, especially with smaller companies.
    The newly purchased machine will save you money on each broadcast project as you go forward to help pay for the machine.
    This broadcast machine is also well suited for lightweight media such as Mica and Cyber Flake. Purchase the SuperShute to allow the free flow of that lightweight media and some conventional flake. 

    All sales are final. No returns.